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Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the links below for Applicant, Screening, Application, Receiving Offer and Rejection questions and answers.

How can I check my status during the application process?
What is the Section 8 program?
What public housing options are there in Malden?
What options are there for wheelchair accessible housing?
Who is eligible for Family Public Housing?
Who is eligible for Elderly/Disabled Public Housing?
What is “Reasonable Accommodation”?
Who Qualifies for a Reasonable Accommodation?
What is considered to be a disability?
What are some examples of mental or physical impairments?
What are “major life activities”?
What does “otherwise qualified” mean?
Does the requested accommodation need to be related to the disability?
Does the MHA always have the right to ask for verification of my disability and needs?
Where can I get the forms other than on this website?
When are Requests for Reasonable Accommodations Granted?
How does the MHA address Reasonable Accommodation Requests?
When will I receive a decision on my Reasonable Accommodation request?
What If I Disagree with the MHA's Reasonable Accommodation Decision?
Receiving an Offer or Rejection: What happens if I reject a housing offer?
Receiving an Offer or Rejection: What happens if I don’t complete the final screening process?
Receiving an Offer or Rejection: I was determined not eligible for housing assistance. Can I appeal?
Screening / Application: What is Eligibility screening?
Screening / Application: What criteria are used during screening?
Screening / Application: How long does the application process take?
Screening / Application: When will I be called in for screening?
Screening / Application: What should I bring to the final eligibility interview?