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Our Commitment to Ethics and Service

As a public service agency, the Malden Housing Authority is committed to providing excellent service to all public housing applicants, residents and the public. In order to provide superior service, the Malden Housing Authority resolves to:

Administer applicable federal and state laws and regulations to achieve high ratings in compliance measurement indicators while maintaining efficiency in program operation to ensure fair and consistent treatment of clients served.

Provide decent, safe and sanitary housing in good repair – in compliance with program uniform physical condition standards – for extremely low, very low and low-income families.

Achieve a healthy mix of incomes in its public housing developments by attracting and retaining higher income families and by working toward deconcentration of poverty goals.

Encourage self-sufficiency of participant families and assist in the expansion of family opportunities which address educational, socio-economic, recreational and other human services needs.

Promote fair housing and the opportunity for very low and low income families of all races, ethnicities, national origins, religions, ethnic backgrounds, and with all types of disabilities, to participate in the public housing program and its services.

Create positive public awareness and expand the level of family and community support in accomplishing the Malden Housing Authority’s mission.

Attain and maintain a high level of standards and professionalism in day-to-day management of all program components.

Administer an efficient, high performing agency through continuous improvement of the Malden Housing authority’s support systems and commitment to our employees and their development.

The Malden Housing Authority will make every effort to keep residents informed of program rules and regulations, and to advise participants of how the program rules affect them.