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Section 8 Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the links below for Section 8, Lease and Inspection questions and answers.

How is rent set for voucher programs?
Does MHA pay my rental assistance to me or my landlord?
Can the amount of a voucher be increased?
What happens if my unit needs repairs?
What if my apartment owner wants me to move?
I was told that as a Section 8 participant, I have certain “family obligations” to the MHA, separate from my lease with my landlord. What does this involve?
The Section 8 Lease: Can I lose my Section 8/Leased Housing voucher because of drug-related or violent criminal activity by a family member or guest? Is there any limitation on where this takes place?
The Section 8 Lease: What’s in my lease with my landlord?
The Section 8 Lease: Are there things I should watch out for?
The Section 8 Lease: How long do voucher holders have to find housing?
The Section 8 Lease: What are the requirements for eligible housing?
The Section 8 Lease: How often is my income reviewed?
The Section 8 Lease: How long can I remain in the rental assistance (Section 8) program?
The Section 8 Lease: Can I move and continue to receive Housing Choice voucher assistance?
Inspections: What happens if my apartment does not pass inspection?
Inspections: The apartment that I would like to move in to has failed inspection several times, should I look for another apartment?
Inspections: How long is an inspection?
Inspections: During an inspection, what will the inspector look at?
Inspections: Do tenants get a copy of the inspection report when it’s completed?
Inspections: Does the MHA Inspector test for lead paint?
Inspections: I have a 5-year-old child. I see paint peeling around the building. Is this a violation?
Inspections: I own a building that was constructed before 1978. What are my responsibilities as it relates to the How long is an inspection? Lead Paint Laws?
Inspections: How often does the MHA inspect a unit?
Inspections: Is the inspector responsible for moving furniture?
Inspections: How can I be proactive during the inspection?
Inspections: My inspector is late or did not arrive. What do I do next?
Inspections: Can the inspector call me when he/she is on the way to my home?